If you make your core values who you wish you were, not who you are people will:

1. Be disappointed when they spend any amount of time working with you or for you.

2. Call your bluff! You are only fooling yourself because everyone sees what you really are. Actions speak louder than words.

3. Never trust you again. Truth builds trust. If your org or business isn’t honest with itself it won’t be honest with the people it serves.

Here is some advice.

1. Be uniquely you.

2. Tell YOUR better story

3. Don’t apologize for your unique nature.

4. Be okay with looking different.

This process takes time, but if the core values you say don’t match the story you are living, you are killing the value of your brand.

Wishes are just that, something to dream about, but never attain. Hope has a plan and potential beyond your life timeline. So is your mission and vision a wish or a hope?

Slick communication doesn’t matter if you aren’t faithful in your engagement with your community. Churches and non profits please hear this…

The poor, broken, hurting, sick, orphaned, etc. don’t care how awesome your direct mailer looks! They don’t care if this is your “annual” event. What they care about is follow through, faithfulness, and forward motion, which is also called hope.

So before you spend all that time trying to make everything look cool. Just live your story and make it count. Then have people help you tell that story so you can expand your reach with new advocates.

Here is the reality for your organization or church. You have three audiences.

1. Your recipients

2. Your community that is watching you

3. Your donors and partners

Tell the right story to the right people.

Design your flyers and website for the right people.

Be faithful to all your people.

Check out for some churches and organizations who have done that.

Everyone is an artist. Communication isn’t about words it is about messages. Everyone communicates!

A baby cries, a stranger smiles, a bank robber pulls a gun…

Stop saying you are a bad communicator! There is a way you can communicate that will transform people’s lives!

Have you ever met someone who was bad with words, but incredibly genuine and hospitable?

How about great at writing songs, but not at singing.

Or the person who walks in a room, doesn’t say anything, but in minutes has everyone’s attention.

All of these people have communicated in completely different ways. You do too!

You have a unique way to communicate!

Look, I have a very charismatic personality. I love to talk, hate to write, and don’t stop thinking. My personality type can quickly get labeled as a “communicator” but I am as much a “communicator” as a street sign. The difference is I control the message I share.

What is the message you share? And how do you share it? Leave a comment I would love to learn from you!

Size doesn’t matter! It is all about your motion in the ocean of Twitter! I have been using Twitter for a few years now. I don’t have a particularly large following, nor do I follow a very large amount of people. There is a few things I do though that have allowed my reach to expand far beyond any other social media tool available.

Doing these things have opened opportunity for me to sit in a room with social innovators and “do good” entrepreneurs from around the world and learn from them.

Doing these things have developed great friendships with incredible designers, pastors, and entrepreneurs, in Michigan, Illinois, California, Texas, New York, England, and many more places.

Doing these things have built relationships with organizations in Africa that are raising the standard on education.

I can keep going but you get the point.

So here are some moves you can make with your Twitter regardless of its size.

1. Be intentional with your #hastag

2. Build list and join the conversation

3. Contribute don’t just take

4. Be human

5. Be active on Twitter

You will out grow the process, so love the vision not the method. That just might help you break the ceiling you have hit.

I know you spent a lot of time investing in your cause, but trying to say everything that exist about your organization on your website makes it suck!

People visit your website to see if they can trust and believe in you.

So instead of telling them endless unfocused vision killing details, inform their hearts and invite their voice. When you do those two things they will use their brain and promote your brand or cause.

Know why?

Simple, because it is human to care and converse.

Empower advocates by finding ways to put your cause in people’s hearts and hands with your web presence.

There are some days I can’t emotionally handle Facebook. Humans are fragile people when it comes to social media, especially Facebook. Know what I am talking about?

As a person, organization, church, etc. it can be hard to have people criticize and critique you, or something you are a part of! It can cause you to respond negatively with a “prove them wrong attitude” but know what…

“The customer is always right.”

What you ask?

Maybe what they said isn’t true? What if they are just trying to make themselves look better? You fill in your counter argument.

But here is the deal…

Regardless of the validity, the conversation has just gone public and the way you engage can make or break your character or brand.

So here are 3 tips to think about before you respond with your post:

1. What is the truth in what they said? Feedback positive or negative is always good.

2. Be okay saying idk (I don’t know) but… And seek an honest answer for them.

3. Find a “yes” in your “no”. Maybe they were wrong, but there is surely someway you can help them. Redirect them, affirm them, find a solution and common ground.

It is never easy to humble yourself and love your enemy. But when the conversation has gone public on Facebook it matters if you do or not. Your followers are watching and waiting, build your brand by living your values.

Because of the work I do I am speaking to all types of audiences multiple times a week. But here’s the deal, I need to make a confession that might help you!

I never wear the same outfit. I am always me, but I always dress appropriate for the engagement.

When you look at communicating with your community how is your tone dressed?

Have you ever noticed that just because someone says something doesn’t mean they actually said anything.

Just because I understand what you said doesn’t mean it was worth while content. It might be to someone somewhere, but not here or now.

So here’s the deal…

Know the community for your communication. They might enjoy it more than I do.