There are some days I can’t emotionally handle Facebook. Humans are fragile people when it comes to social media, especially Facebook. Know what I am talking about?

As a person, organization, church, etc. it can be hard to have people criticize and critique you, or something you are a part of! It can cause you to respond negatively with a “prove them wrong attitude” but know what…

“The customer is always right.”

What you ask?

Maybe what they said isn’t true? What if they are just trying to make themselves look better? You fill in your counter argument.

But here is the deal…

Regardless of the validity, the conversation has just gone public and the way you engage can make or break your character or brand.

So here are 3 tips to think about before you respond with your post:

1. What is the truth in what they said? Feedback positive or negative is always good.

2. Be okay saying idk (I don’t know) but… And seek an honest answer for them.

3. Find a “yes” in your “no”. Maybe they were wrong, but there is surely someway you can help them. Redirect them, affirm them, find a solution and common ground.

It is never easy to humble yourself and love your enemy. But when the conversation has gone public on Facebook it matters if you do or not. Your followers are watching and waiting, build your brand by living your values.