Everyone is an artist. Communication isn’t about words it is about messages. Everyone communicates!

A baby cries, a stranger smiles, a bank robber pulls a gun…

Stop saying you are a bad communicator! There is a way you can communicate that will transform people’s lives!

Have you ever met someone who was bad with words, but incredibly genuine and hospitable?

How about great at writing songs, but not at singing.

Or the person who walks in a room, doesn’t say anything, but in minutes has everyone’s attention.

All of these people have communicated in completely different ways. You do too!

You have a unique way to communicate!

Look, I have a very charismatic personality. I love to talk, hate to write, and don’t stop thinking. My personality type can quickly get labeled as a “communicator” but I am as much a “communicator” as a street sign. The difference is I control the message I share.

What is the message you share? And how do you share it? Leave a comment I would love to learn from you!