Slick communication doesn’t matter if you aren’t faithful in your engagement with your community. Churches and non profits please hear this…

The poor, broken, hurting, sick, orphaned, etc. don’t care how awesome your direct mailer looks! They don’t care if this is your “annual” event. What they care about is follow through, faithfulness, and forward motion, which is also called hope.

So before you spend all that time trying to make everything look cool. Just live your story and make it count. Then have people help you tell that story so you can expand your reach with new advocates.

Here is the reality for your organization or church. You have three audiences.

1. Your recipients

2. Your community that is watching you

3. Your donors and partners

Tell the right story to the right people.

Design your flyers and website for the right people.

Be faithful to all your people.

Check out for some churches and organizations who have done that.