Advocate Dude specializes in helping you figure out the motivations and mechanics that will activate your mission to effectively mobilize, manage, and multiply the good you dream of doing in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual leader dreaming of making a change, or an existing organization. Advocate Dude can help you keep moving forward and maximizing your impact.


Activate Movement

Are you a mission-driven leader that is trying to figure out the the next step, make a personal change, or facing a current challenge you need help thinking through? Advocate Dude offer’s coaching that helps unlock your ideas and inspire movement, so you can effectively lean into your mission and strategy both personally and professionally.


Collaborative Solutions

Are you in need of guidance to create contextual solutions to roadblocks your organization is facing? Advocate Dude specializes in the unique needs that mission-driven organizations face when it comes to mobilizing, managing, and multiplying people and systems to serve the mission.


Specialized Learning

Are you looking to expand the leadership skills and perspectives of your employees or teams? Advocate Dude offers training in a variety of specialized topics that help your organization’s employees develop as individual leaders and an effective team.

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